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Go Quick (telegram) Message 🎯 !

Go Quick Message (BourneAgain: Simple Telegram Notificator 🎯 !)

Hi everyone!

Here I brought to you a tiny tool ( redone in GO ) that I made to create notifications on the fly via telegram bot api, which helps you to make scripts and notify out some events.
For example, I use this tool to manage my own collaborator, which will shout out the DNS hits made to my collab.
Normally I use this to clear the checklist: (DNS interaction HIT, SSRF, bXSS, etc).

Very useful (at least for me) for bug bounties and CTF’s :D


Remember to have the $GOPATH/bin on your $PATH

go get -u github.com/jcatala/gqm
mkdir ~/.config/gqm/
vim ~/.config/gqm/gqm.ini

The config file must be something like this:


gqm will automatically update the chat_id on the config file, that must match the last update from the bot. Sometimes the bot does not have new updates, so it fails at the chat_id fetch, that0s the reason why I save it on the .ini file.

Config file

  • The config file must be look something like this:
~ cat .config/gqm/gqm.ini 
apikey        = the one that the botfather gives to you
  • gqm will update the chat id automatically, you need to talk to the bot before running gqm, just to have some updates to get the correct last chat id.

How to use

  • The most easy to use that I could:
➜  ~ gqm -h
Usage of gqm:
        To get debug information
        To keep the stdin open 
        Force markdown on the entire message, if is not, do it by yourself adding backquotes
        To be verbose

  • NOTE: The default format of the message is MARKDOWN, if you use the -m option, the backquotes are automatically added, if not, you need to handle it by yourself adding it.


Simple command line notification

Example out of band DNS check

  • I have the bot running on DNS hits on my collab, the following command will do the work:
tail -n 0 -f /var/log/named/query.log  | grep --line-buffered "your-desire-domain.com" | gqm -markdown -follow

I don’t recommend to grep over your main domain, because sometimes, scanners/chineses will fukk your bot up 😶

Question / Support

Any question/suggestion, please, contact me via twitter 👀

If you take a while to test this… thank you very much !