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Hi everyone, f4d3 here !


Considering the pandemic and all the shit that is going on, I thought that I would love to die… but just after knowing how to pwn real things, including computers, embedded systems and (hopefuly) browsers.

So, I’ll use this as a kick-off to a full {1,2,…} year journey to learn every topic that I can, everything related to pwn and reversing, I have a prior little knowledge on this field, so, I’ll start where I feel more weak heap. My objective is to reach (and research) Real Life targets, by learning from online resources, blogs, public PoC's and (of course) CTF’s.

Y en qué afecta esto a boca ? | What does this have to do with me ?

Well, nothing really, but.

I’ll drop a weekly post on my blog ( this blog :D ) in order to keep consistency on this journey, from various topics, including the things that I already mentioned before. Apart from the consistency thing, this will help me to interiorize even more every topic that I just learnt, and, maybe, can help you to solve some CTF chall, or learn a new thing.

With this said, let the madness begin

be safe,,,